Fist Fury
Artist(s): Love Fist
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Radio Station: V-Rock
Year: Unknown (2002 in real world)
Genre: Hard rock, heavy metal

Fist Fury is a song performed by the fictional band Love Fist featured in the radio station V-Rock in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Here we go again
Cruisin' in the right side of town
Where the chicks taste like candy, but all the guys look like clowns
Yeah! Here's what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna get and fix some of the best
Driving by in my Porscha, down in the roadhouse to get us some
Love Fist fury, we're just getting pussy
Our love rockets are too aroused
The girls are going crazy cause we ain't getting lazy
Shooting love fist fuel all around
Six A. M. on the morning after the beast rest up for awhile
Last night saw some ugly fighting brawl
Because the badge mustn't want us in town
I said "come on guys chill for awhile, join us in our Fist world"
Thank god the badge chose the Love Fist for a drunken crazy wild
Love Fist fury, checkin' out all the pussy
Let your love rockets do all the rounds
The girls are going crazy, tonight is getting hazy
Shooting love fist fuel from their mouths
(Chorus x4)


Love Fist - Fist Fury03:09

Love Fist - Fist Fury

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