Juicy Fruit
Artist(s): Mtume
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Radio Station: Fever 105
Year: 1983
Genre: Funk, R&B, Soul, Boggie

Juicy Fruit is a song by the group Mtume featured in the radio station Fever 105 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


(I like it, oh, oh)
(I like it, oh oh)
I need it, I need it
Oh, girl
You know very well
What you are
You're my sugar thing
My chocolate star
I've had a few
But not that many
But you're the only love
That gives me good and plenty
Juicy fruit (Juicy)
Juicy (Yeah, yeah, yeah, hey)
Juicy fruit (Juicy)
Candy rain
Comin' down
Taste you in my mind
And spread you all around
Here I am
Oh, this love's for you
Hey, baby
Sweet as honey dew
Close my eyes
Oh, what fantasy
And you're right here with me
Cherry blossom kiss
What you're givin'
Makes my body rock
Keeps me sizzlin'
Do what you want
I don't care
I'll be your lollipop
[You can lick me everywhere]
Juicy fruit (You're so)
Juicy (Juicy)
Juicy fruit (Yeah, hey, hey, hey, hey)
Here I am
This love's for you
Hey, baby
You're sweet as honey dew
Close my eyes
Oh, what fantasy
And you're right here with me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Juicy fruit
Juicy fruit (Juicy)
Juicy (I like it, I like it)
Juicy fruit (In the morning, oh, babe)
Juicy (Oh, oh)
Juicy fruit (Candy rain comin' down)
Juicy (Turns me all around)
Juicy fruit (I like it, I like it)


Mtume - Juicy Fruit04:37

Mtume - Juicy Fruit

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