The Dream
Artist(s): Thee Oh Sees
Game: Grand Theft Auto V
Radio Station: Vinewood Boulevard Radio
Year: 2011
Genre: Garage rock

The Dream is a song performed by the band Thee Oh Sees featured in the radio station Vinewood Boulevard Radio in Grand Theft Auto V.


I had a dream, a dream I said
A bloody dream in which I said:
"I'm not dead, oh dead"
I lie awake until I sleep, I see the sky tear, and then it weeps.
I was scared.
So scared.
The dream, it seems, is peeking, into real life.
The sun can't burn, the dream, from my eyes.
The dream, seeking, peeking, real life.


GTA V Vinewood Boulevard Radio The Oh Sees The Dream06:52

GTA V Vinewood Boulevard Radio The Oh Sees The Dream

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